Facts About Cancers

When we hear the word cancer, we get the chills and we just pray to the Lord that this kind of diseases should even happen to an enemy as well because this is such a horrible disease. This is the kind of disease that a person gets, they just thing to their happy days and the fast approaching ending days and its seems very sad knowing that you have to die and you know it and also in pain. The ratio of percentage has been increasing very fast from the last decade and there are many stats that show that every 3 out of 10 people get cancer. But just like everything else in this world that is filled with facts and figures, cancer has some huge stats that will shock you and even make you sad, keep reading more to find out about the best cancer hospitals in Dubai and best urology doctor in Dubai:

  1. Did you know that there is cancer is every persons body? You will be shocked to hear that but this is a fact but you don’t need to get panicked because this only triggers due to different unknown reasons. There are different types of cancers in a human body.
  2. Did you know that there was a couple who treated their grandson with cancer without any medicine? This is a relief and a good news and the story goes that the kid lost his parents when he was very small and this is a story of United States in some state’s city. The grandparents were taking care of the kid and when he turned 7, he got super sick and then the guardians found out that he had cancer. They were devastated and they knew that all the medicines of the cancer kill the person more so what they did they sold their city house and got a farm in the country side. And made sure that the kid only ate home grown food and even drank water that was boiled before and within one year and then the kid was feeling and didn’t saw any signs of cancer since then.
  3. Did you know that women get more cancer as compared to men? Yes this is a fact ladies and kind of fact that is very harsh and there are different and unknown reasons.