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Games to play during a ladies night out

When there is a Monday ladies night Dubai there should be good games too so that they will enjoy their night and forget about all the tensions and worries they have in their daily life. Once in a month when they attend these kinds of parties then it will be like w fuel for their body and they get energetic after enjoying for one night with their friends without the tension of their kids, home, work and husbands. In these nights kids are not allowed so they have to be with the fathers or any other older lady in the house who do not want to go to these parties. These parties can be organized at the luxury Indian restaurants in Dubai if they have the facility to accommodate the number of ladies or they can be arranged at any other place too. These parties can be made more exciting with the help of games and you can see about some of the games here:

There should be games of physical activity like the ladies have to get some items form one box and then throw them in another box which is lying away from the first one. This game can have many variations according to the situation and these variations can be made at the moment without prior preparation because these are just the games to enjoy. There will be no regret on failing to complete the task or getting the first position but the main thing is that everyone should enjoy the games fully.

When there are ladies then there should be purses with each one of them an a game can be played in which one of the lady will become referee and she announces a thing and all the ladies have to search that in their purse and those who have that item will be the winner. There may be some small gifts like chocolates or any other thing to appreciate the winning participant. Like the referee lady announce to search a comb and the ladies that have it in their purse will show that and the one who showed it at the first place will get the prize. This item can be anything that ladies can carry in their purse and it will be an exciting game to see who have what things in purse.