Specifications To Check Out When Hiring A Cleaning Company In UAE

Hiring a house maid is not unusual in UAE. Here, women from different countries come together to earn a living as domestic workers, do household chores and save money for their families in their home countries.

While have a housekeeper may appear like a bonus to so many, it can even be a blessing, particularly when you are managing work, children, and household stuff. It’s great to have a few extra hands to help young children for cooking, keeping the house sand or dust free, or entertaining friends.

For example, hiring Marina maids is may be a risky and paperwork process. Fortunately, there are so many cleaning companies organized in Jumeirah Dubai today that take the responsibility of checking trusted maids.

However, selecting a cleaning company sometimes a bit overwhelming, so we recommend that you keep this mental checklist while you do it:

Check your login details

While cleaning companies cost ten cents a dozen, the industry in Dubai is not heavily regulated and you should be careful so that you cannot be fooled. Understand what certifications cleaning companies have. If you want sofa cleaning in Dubai Marina, you should check that they have iso certification or are registered with Dubai Economic Development Department. Also check in detail on their website and see how many staff they have, how long they’ve been employed, if they have uniforms, etc. These details can help you assess if they are really experienced. Find a suitable physical address with a landline number. Approach if you can.

Also beware of testimonials on your own website, especially if they have common names and non-specific places, such as Sam Smith, Jumeirah. You can search popular forums like Expat Woman for comments or use comparison sites. Friends and the like in your gated villa or apartment community are also great for references.

Find out what offers they have

Different cleaning companies offer different services. Most of them offer cleaning, vacuuming, dishwashing, washing and iron clothes. There are agencies that have babysitters. Some offer a full-time maid, others offer part-time staff, and many offers both. You can have maids daily, weekly, or monthly. Many UAE-based agencies also offer special services for one-off cleaning, such as after holidays, or for a full cleaning, that is more of a spring cleaning than the lighter daily cleaning. You can even make maids work for specific one-off tasks, such as washing windows. Some agencies also offer additional staff that help you with the holidays (a blessing since this is part of life in the UAE!